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Over the last few years I’ve relied upon Contact Beacon to launch hundreds of successful e-mail blast campaigns. I find that Contact Beacon to be easy, flexible, and totally reliable. Other web-services available pale in comparison. — Scott Combs, Creative Director of Nutz & Boltz Productions.

E-mail Marketing is easy when Nutz & Boltz Productions teams up with Contact Beacon

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“Getting your Message to the right People at the right time”

Contact Beacon is a tool that combines personalized service with cutting edge technology to meet the specific needs of each customer. Using Contact Beacon allows businesses to provide excellent service, build lasting relationships, and increase customer loyalty and brand awareness, all at a fraction of the cost compared to more manual and labor intensive alternatives.

Grow your sales with repeat customers

Do you need of a better way to stay in touch with your clients? Then Contact Beacon is your solution. Contact beacon can automate your email communications. Schedule personalized emails or newsletters which are automatically sent to your clients with information on your upcoming events, promotions, and reminders of the great service you provide. Contact Beacon will track all of your results providing valuable information on who are your potential leads, what are they interested in, and who is ready to buy.

  • Automate ongoing marketing campaigns to clients and prospects
  • Promote special events, timely promotions, and new products / services
  • Track email results to gauge effectiveness and shape future promotions

Manage Contact Lists and Subscriptions
Build permission based lists and keep them clean and current.

Design HTML and Text Messages
Create dynamic, attention-getting messages using our powerful message composition tools.

Schedule and Send Mailings
Group and manage multiple message sends and track overall results.

Maximize Deliverability
Ensure maximum deliverability and improve recipient open rates.

View & Analyze Delivery Results
View both summarized and detailed results of your sends in real time.

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