E-mail Blasts

E-mail blast is an electronic marketing tool for many companies. Some abuses have arisen lately and most people confuse legitimate emails with spam. For more information you can follow this link to the Wikipedia page on Email Blasts.

Nutz & Boltz has designed and deployed hundreds of E-blasts for our customers. It’s a new world now with the internet in nearly every home. Getting a professional and effective design can make the difference between being dumped in the Junk Mail Box or being viewed by a perspective customer. I pride myself on helping to demystify the process and get your e-mails taken seriously.

Here’s how it works:

1. Customer provides marketing material (images, logos, and copy).
2. Graphic designer prepares document in an HTML format.
3. Customer provides a list of customers with names and email addresses.
4. Nutz & Boltz prepares and formats the list.
5. Proofs are exchanged of the HTML document to the customer for approval
6. Approval is accepted.
7. Nutz & Boltz uploads the list and HTML with images to webservice.
8. Schedule the e-mail campaign to be sent.
9. Gather statistics of the campaign.

More Info about how to get started with E-mail Blasts